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PanOxyl® is dermatologist recommended because it's powerful medicine backed by real science. Choose the formula that's right for you, without a prescription, and let it go to work. PanOxyl® is proven to help clear, treat and prevent future breakouts. Just ask your doc!

PanOxyl® isn't just another "pretty bottle" in the skin care aisle. We aren't
about that. We're about dermatologist-recommended medicine that helps to
clear, treat & prevent breakouts so you can be you.

The Science of Stiefel

Stiefel Laboratories has been advancing dermatology and skin science around the world for more than 165 years. With a deep understanding of the skin and what it needs, Stiefel products like PanOxyl® help people enjoy healthier, clearer and smoother skin. To learn more about Stiefel, visit their website here.