Acne. If you have it, you’re not alone. You’re only human, right? Here at PanOxyl®, we want you to know that nearly all teens have acne at some point. Usually it’s due to hormonal changes, which is why acne is sometimes called “hormonal acne.” It can range from as little as a few annoying blackheads or whiteheads to more inflamed cystic acne. Adult acne is also common. It can flare up during your 20s, 30s or even 40s and 50s. More than 80% of people will experience acne at least once in their lives. And if your parents had acne growing up, chances are you will, too.


Hormones and genetics can contribute to acne, so it’s not anything you’re doing wrong. And while some lifestyle choices can trigger a breakout, your acne isn’t your fault. Sooner or later, it pretty much happens to everyone, and most mild to moderate cases are treatable with products like PanOxyl®. Just wanted to clear that up.


There really is a science to getting clear skin. So it helps to know what causes acne, how acne treatments work and how acne can be controlled and treated. At PanOxyl®, we’re experts in the science of treating acne and we can help.