Bailee Madison x PanOxyl đź’™

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Bailee Madison has been super busy with a ton of press for her recent premiere. But she’s carved out some time so that we can announce some big news: she’s partnered with PanOxyl! The actress has been a big fan of PanOxyl for a while and is excited to share her #PanOxylJourney. She’ll share her skincare routine with PanOxyl as well as her own struggles with acne through the summer.

“I’m so thrilled to be working with PanOxyl to share my acne story and how the brand has helped me conquer my biggest insecurity. I struggled with face and body acne which was especially difficult when on camera. PanOxyl’s 10% Maximum Strength Acne Foaming Wash was the first product that cleared my skin and now the full range of PanOxyl products are my not-so-secret weapons to prevent acne.”

With a schedule jammed packed with press events, Bailee says it takes a village to help get her ready, but simple products like PanOxyl that work for her are an important part of that process.

“I’ve been doing a lot of press these days to promote Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin which has been so exciting, but not so much for my skin. Between Makeup, flights, and long days it can be tough on my skin! My skin has always been a work in progress; I’ve had to listen to my skin and try to find the easiest (and still gentle) solutions to stop breakouts! I’ve been using PanOxyl’s Acne Foaming Wash and Overnight Spot Patches for a while now, and it might just be my best kept skincare secret! I love it because it helps keep my skin super clean, kills bacteria to prevent breakouts and doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped or dry. PanOxyl products are exactly what I need to keep from breaking out, so I can enjoy these days and feel as confident as possible!”

Check out how Bailee uses PanOxyl products in her reel below.