In the Spot-light: Celebrities Break Out PanOxyl for their Worst Breakouts


Celebrities appear flawless when they are on the red carpet, but behind the scenes can be a very different story.

Several stars have joined the #nomakeup wave on Instagram to show us they are not immune to the woes of skincare. This includes our worst nemesis – acne.

So what treatment are some of them using to keep their faces pimple free?

You may think it’s some crazy serum that’s found only in the rarest of rain forests and goes for thousands of dollars.

Nope. It’s PanOxyl, and it costs no more than a month of Netflix.

One celebrity says she picks up PanOxyl from her local drugstore to help battle her worst breakouts.

PanOxyl uses its own star power – Benzoyl Peroxide—to help clear, treat and prevent blemishes. You can read more about how Benzoyl Peroxide works here (link to bp how it works page) or shop for this showstopper here (link to retailers page).

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